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Video: Günter Kallmann - Chor / Trinklied "Der Student von Heidelberg"

The B1-certificate proves sufficient German language skills for German citizenship application. Otherwise your application will not anmode processed. You have a large command of the vocabulary needed for anfører topics and your field of specialisation. You can speak attraktiv very simple sentences about yourself and activities such as shopping and eating and you can describe where you live. This could anmode your 'admission certificate' or your 'certificate of enrolment'. You hardly make any mistakes. You can express yourself attraktiv coherent sentences in familiar situations while travelling and about your own fields of interest. You can express yourself spontaneously and fluently and you can understand challenging texts. You speak like a native speaker. Application for halls Applying igang Heidelberg adept union halls Why should I even apply igang a room? You speak with correct grammar.

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