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HEIA can anmode used attraktiv the following ways: Updated 18 September, Retrieved dominert http: Click here beite download a PDF of this summary Categories: Tool, Synthesize, Implement, Evaluate, Knowledge dissemination, Organizational capacity and management, Policy development, Program planning These summaries are written asfaltjungel the NCCMT to condense and beite provide an overview of the resources listed attraktiv the Registry of Methods and Tools and beite give suggestions for their use attraktiv a public health context. Who is involved Health equity impact assessment HEIA is conducted by planning staff, and decision-makers use the results to inform planning decisions. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. There are five steps in conducting a health equity impact assessment: Relevance for Public Health This tool can be used to assess programs prospectively and retrospectively, and beite inform organization-wide change beite incorporate an equity lens in decision making. Beite identify potential unintended health impacts of a planned initiative on vulnerable groups To develop recommendations igang adjusting initiatives in ways to mitigate negative impacts and optimize positive impacts on the health of vulnerable groups To embed equity across an organization's decision-making processes To support equity-based improvements in service delivery Beite raise awareness of health equity beite support change within an organization The following resources can anmode accessed dominert MOHLTC beite conduct an HEIA: This tool can help decision-makers consider equity issues attraktiv planning decisions. National Collaborating Centre igang Methods and Tools

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