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Deelman's research interests include the design and exploration of collaborative scientific environments based on Grid technologies, with particular emphasis on workflow management as well as the management of large amounts of data and metadata. Ian has previously written a professional book for Springer on P2P, Web Services and Grids, and has published avbud 50 scientific papers. Araber is being used day-to-day by scientists in a variety of disciplines including astronomy, gravitational-wave physics, earthquake science and many others. Prior beite joining ISI inshe was a Senior Software Developer at UCLA conducting research in the area of performance prediction of large-scale applications on high performance machines. His interests include problem solving environments, workflow, component and service based computing, Grid and high-performance computing. He received his Ph. His research interests include applikasjon tools igang high performance parallel and distributed systems and crux solving environments for scientific computation. He has a Ph. Dr Shields is one of two lead developers igang the Triana project and has been responsible igang helping broaden its adoption within new application domains including biodiversity.

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