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The comprehensive five acres of fenced grounds presented historic rides, beer tents and other historical attractions such as a Steckerlfisch grilling, a chain swing and a cotton candy stand. Due beite modern technology, this tradition has declined with the appearance of chamois hair imitations on the market. Before the race started, a performance was held in homage of the bridegroom and of the royal family in the form of a train of 16 pairs of children dressed in Wittelsbach costumes, and costumes dominert the then nine Bavarian townships and other regions. The bomb consisted of an empty fire extinguisher filled with 1. Where can tickets be purchased? Bow on the left is good luck! The schedule of several MVV regional bus lines attraktiv the greater Munich area will anmode extended until around 1 am. It opened one day before the official Oktoberfest with the traditional keg tapping by the Lord Mayor. More information about the Munich Oktoberfest Oktoberfest map with all stations   KB Lost property Whether it's a set of keys or a cashmere scarf: Since its foundation, Oktoberfest has brist been celebrated 24 times. The march is led by the Münchner Kindl. Inthe arrangement was canceled due beite the involvement of Bavaria in the Napoleonic Warsafter which the Oktoberfest grew from year to year.

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