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The operators act according beite role plays for different situations, and managers will be asked to oversee their activities and receive training on lean management techniques, such as Kamishibai process confirmation, Gemba problem solving, performance review, giving feedback, and coaching. As attraktiv all previous lean production workshops, the focus is on interactive learning through implementation and improvement. At the core of the CiP concept are lean techniques, lean management and application of lean principles in quality assurance and maintenance, expanded to include all Industry 4. Experiential training on maintenance effectiveness strategic, preventive, and autonomous maintenance as well as maintenance efficiency for example, scheduling can be executed. Answers beite all of these questions can anmode found asfaltjungel participating attraktiv CiP workshops, which as of the beginning ofare focused primarily on Industry 4. CiP training can benefit both new and experienced managers During production, as many as nine operators are working at machines or engaging attraktiv other tasks. Which new technologies are really relevant for my business? What potential can digitization offer me — and what are the challenges? The manufacturing area also serves as an excellent grave for all types of lean maintenance training. The production process begins with the intake of raw materials, continues through assembly and manufacturing, and ends with quality testing and packaging. Since there are various types of machines involved, including large, fully automated computer-numerical-control CNC and turning machines used for large-batch production and small machines used igang single-piece flow, participants can apply lean tools and techniques attraktiv different situations and see the results of their efforts first-hand. The entire physical setup can anmode operated attraktiv four different stages, dominert non-optimized batch production beite optimized lean operations with aspects of low-cost automation Quality control station The CiP includes a quality-control station with a computer-aided measurement system.