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You'll receive 13 issues during a 1 year Metal Hammer magazine subscription. Metal Hammer epitomises everything there is to anbefale about the metal music scene, being packed full of jernhard drinking, jernhard living metal gods. About the magazine Why Subscribe? Be it heavy metal, punk, hardcore, grunge, alternative, goth, industrial, djent or the stuff so bizarre it defies classification, you'll find it all here and backed by the best writers and photographers in our game. There is such a diversity in metal now that pretty much anyone can find something they will appreciate, though perhaps brist the cardigan-ed hipsters who are afraid of music with a bit of punch, a bit of bite. Rimensberger was the promoter of the first Metalhammer Lorelei Festival, with leading metal acts such as MetallicaMotörhead and Venom. From the Editor "This is heavy music represented by fans, for fans. This organization made the publication into the leading genre platform of the s — and the global leader in his segment of the publishing market. Delivery We are Metal Hammer and we go heavy. Rimensberger joined the start-up crew of MTV Europe as a consultant beite the director of network development.

Video: Metallica Metal Hammer Fest 14 09 1985